Who Is Kathy Ferreiro? Photos & Bio of the Cuban Goddess

| October 23, 2012 | 6 Comments

For all the right reasons, Kathy Ferreiro became an internet sensation recently and I am here to join the hype and share with you some more details. Therefore, I decided to dig a little deeper and find out who is Kathy Ferreiro and share with you her bio, as well as some really hot Kathy Ferreiro photos.

Although not much is known about her, I did manage to find out that Kathy Ferreiro is a Cuban girl living in Miami. She’s 22 and is considered a Cuban Goddess for all the right reasons and probably Kim Kardashian is really worried right now. However, it appears that Kathy Ferreiro does have different plans in life as The Dirty managed to post photos with her together with different men, saying that she only dates for money. Well, with that body, you can afford to do anything!

But let’s not focus on the dirt and let’s check out some Kathy Ferreiro photos below. Here is the Cuban Goddess:

What do you think about Kathy Ferreiro? Like her or consider her “too much fake”?

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  1. Chris Jackson says:

    A knock out Diva

  2. Juan says:

    She is beautiful.
    like to see her one day.

  3. Bralon says:

    she is to fine

  4. Edward Hurst says:

    I’ll pay to date her for the evening. Come on over to Hawaii babe!!

  5. Don says:

    She is nice but I ‘v seen better chicks in Egypt

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