Uncensored Miranda Kerr Leaked Photos by Laurent Darmon (2012)

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Some uncensored photos of Miranda Kerr have been leaked today by photographer Laurent Darmon who took the pictures at an unknown date. So even though we’re not talking about leaked phone photos of personal photos of the beautiful model, these pictures certainly weren’t meant to be seen by everybody, as Darmon removed the photos from his website soon after uploading them. But the internet is big and they are still available to be seen.

But until we get there, we should notice that the revealing photos of Miranda Kerr are clearly from a photoshoot the model had with Laurent Darmon and she wore no clothes at all. Although it’s not the first time Ms Kerr does revealing photo shootings, it’s always nice to see more of her especially now that she has not a single bit of cloth in the way.

You can check out some of the leaked photos of Miranda below and then the source for the uncensored version if you want to see them:

Hopefully a leaked tape of Miranda Kerr will follow because this lady’s really hot!

[source: Fashion Copious]

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