Tina Leopard Photos: Freak or Cutie?

| September 7, 2012 | 2 Comments

It appears that there is a growing trend in the world to have girls look like real anime dolls and Tina Leopard, a young Chinese girl is the latest to join the ranks. If we had Anna Amemiya in the past who wore a mask, Tina Leopard took things even further to look for real like an anime doll.

Most likely (or, better said, hopefully) the result of Photoshop and not plastic surgeries, Tina Leopard’s face looks like that of an anime girl: huge eyes, narrow chin and overall a look that resembles an alien as depicted in the movies, rather than a young girl.

Although extremely popular, Tina Leopard has her fair share of haters, many people commenting on her blog – where she posts tons of photos of her quite scary look – calling her a monster or an alien. Check out some images of Tina Leopard below:

So, what do you think? Is Tina Leopard cute or beautiful or just shocking and indeed looks like out of this world?

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  1. blowme says:

    Needs her skull caved in with a ballpean hammer…absolutely useless

  2. Tatiiana says:

    Its definitely photoshopped, on some pictures her chin is ridiculously sharp whilst some others are bigger and more blunt, also her eyes differ in size, surgery cannot achieve that, added there are no contact lens in the current market which can fit such massive eyes if they were real (surgery enhanced or not)

    Ever wonder if shes doing all this to show the ugly side of beauty obsession? The desire for larger eyes, smaller chin and anime caked up makeup are the desired choices for many Asian girls, she here just demonstrates the extreme.

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