Survivor Philippines: RC Saint-Amour Bio & Photos

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Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour is one of those girls you don’t know what to expect when you first see her and surely seeing her as a castaway in Survivor: Philippines makes you wonder if this girl is for real and a real threat or she’s just one of the girls that are there for the laughs. Personally, I think that we might be up for a surprise from RC Saint-Amour who might be ready to pull of some big moves in Survivor Philippines.

But until then, let’s check out the facts: the facts are that we’re going to read a RC Saint-Amour Bio, as well as check out some more photos of Roberta before Survivor.

We’ll start with her mini-bio: she is a 27 years-old investment banker from New York, and she was born and raised in Long Island. She’s a great swimmer, having won a series of national and local competitions (and that’s why she might prove to be more dangerous than she really is!). She was named in New York in the top 10 Hedge Fund Hottest Assets – so she might be a big surprise, after all!

Now check out some extra photos of RC Saint-Amour, one of the cast members in Survivor: Philippines:

I have also managed to find some “behind the scenes” footage from a Miami photoshoot RC was part of, the girl looks amazing here:

So… what do you think about RC Saint-Amour? Does she have a chance at winning the big prize? I personally think, as I already said, that she will be part of some big moves in the game – at least. Probably a top 5 player.

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