Raspberry Pi, the $35 Computer Has Been Launched and Is Already Popular

| March 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

Well, I guess that there should be no real surprises for anybody when the news that a $35 computer that has just been released is extremely popular, right? But it’s something we need to talk about since it doesn’t happen that often for a computer with such an insanely low price to launch.

The Raspberry Pi

The $35 computer, known as the Raspberry Pi, created by Element 14, is a credit-card sized computer (even though it looks more like a circuit board rather than a regular computer) which can be connected to a TV, keyboard and mouse and allows you to do spreadsheets, watch HD movies and even play games.

Of course, don’t expect to play Skyrim on it or any other next gen games (or run complex programs) – that’s not what the Raspberry Pi is for. Instead, this $35 computer is aimed at helping students who don’t have access to a computer how to program (and also, help them with other study-related things). There is also a $25 version available, but this version has no internet option.

Check out a video below to learn more about the features of the incredibly Raspberry Pi, or the $35 computer:

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