Octomom Nadya Suleman on Sale: You Can Date Her for Cash

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I am sure that there are people who would like to date Nadya Suleman, the “octomom” and now they have the chance if they are ready to chip in some cash because Nadya reportedly created an account on website WhatsYourPrice.com where you do what the title suggests: you set up a price and anybody who’s ready to pay it can date you!

Personally, I am pretty sad that octomom Nadya Suleman had to do this – it’s not because she wants to, it’s because she’s broke – and I would be as sad if I knew that a mother did this for money. Here’s what Nadya Suleman’s profile on What’s Your Price says: “”My name is Nadya. I have 14 children. I am a single mom and have been celibate for 14 years, all my children were through IVF. If I have to describe myself I would say I am full of energy, love to work out (when I can get a chance), I am very athletic and love to laugh.”

She didn’t set up a “price” for her, which means that she’s open for offers, so if you think you can make a big enough one, you can give it a try. Octomom is interested in anything, from short-term relationships to mutually beneficial arrangements (Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby). She has no preferences on who will she date (this means that women are welcome too) and she’s available to travel. Now that’s a perfect date (if you like Nadya Suleman, of course).

Nadya is doing really bad financially, her house went into foreclosure in June and she apparently has debts of about $1 million – plus her 14 kids to raise! She tried to make some money (but apparently it wasn’t enough) by releasing a racy video – Home Alone – and she’s still trying to find a way of getting out of this mess she’s currently in.

And yes, even though there are so many people who make fun of her and have no respect for her, I feel really sorry for her and I really hope she’ll be able to get out of the hole she’s in right now.

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