Medieval Romania: Prosecutors Force People to Swear on the Bible of Voting at the Referendum

| August 16, 2012 | 7 Comments

These days, Romania looks like a medieval country from a fantasy novel created as a satire to today’s politics and affairs. But unfortunately for those living in Romania, the satire is real and the unbelievable is happening: prosecutors started to visit the Romanians in order to find out if the voted at the last Referendum where they were asked if the suspended president Traian Basescu should remain Romania’s president.

Not only that this illegal and highly immoral thing – forcing people to not only say if they voted, but also reveal how did they cast their vote – happened in multiple villages and small cities, but prosecutors also decided to take things one step further into absurdity by forcing the people wear on the Bible that their answers are true. And this – it’s absolutely obvious – is a huge violation of the concept of democracy and secrecy of the cast vote.

Apparently, the prosecutors who visited the people (many of them lacking education and easily scared by authority, therefore answering all the questions) were sent by suspended President’s Traian Basescu men – although it is unclear at the moment how could the results of this violation help his cause – the vote at the Referendum was cast, with over 80% of the voters voting against Traian Basescu, but he still seems to be a favorite to remain Romania’s president because the total number of voters was just 49% of those with a right to vote and the law requires a presence of at least %50 plus one.

According to Romanian TV channel Antena 3 – known for heavy criticism against Basescu – prosecutors went as far as getting people out of the church to ask them about their presence and vote at the referendum. It happened in Romanian village Suraia – fortunately, one of the people who was invited to swear on the Bible, 89 years-old Lixandru, said the three (not one, THREE!) prosecutors: “I think it would be best if you took the Bible and read it,” and later added: “It’s a shame that you – young and educated people – to tell me what to do.”

Of course, this sparked intense debates in Romania and temporary president Crin Antonescu, Basescu’s rival, said: “I am waiting, from the general prosecutor, the president of the Supreme Court and the Minister of Justice immediate answers, because the citizens are worried.” He also added, according to Romanian news agency Mediafax that this crazy thing is “an unprecedented investigation with a political purpose, aimed at those who voted at the referendum (n.r: because over 80% voted against Traian Basescu). Right now, I am not accusing the Prosecutor’s Office of anything, nor I am trying to stop the investigations. But I am asking the general prosecutor to offer a public explanation of the nature, means and purpose of these investigations, because it’s the obligation the General Prosecutor has to keep the public informed.”

Until now, there was no answer from the General Prosecutor and probably there are still villages in Romania where people have to swear on the Bible that they did or did not vote at the referendum. Blatant violation of democracy? Of course. The sad thing is that nobody seems to care and the international opinion keeps its mouth shut on this occasion.

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  1. Eco says:

    Europe fully suports the authoritarian stick of the basescian regime, as it is one of their puppets, in the same EPP group. For the years he has consolidated the regime, Europe kept its eyes and ears shut. When the social-liberals tried to dismember the regime, the Europe acted fiercefully in the defense of the presidential dictatorship, accusing the social-liberals of a coup. The 11-point Barroso-Merkel dictate imposed the government not to touch the General Prosecutor and the bosses of the Secret Services, which remain at Basescu’s command. The entire point is that the prosecutors would demonstrate that the vote was massively frauded, so despite the numbers, the Constitutional Court would invalidate the referendum so that the hated Basescu will return to power. But I think the things have gone too far to hide the dirt under the mattress of “democracy”, and the people will defend their vote in the street. After all, Barroso didn’t request the egyptians to have a validity threshold in removing Mubarak.

  2. Cata says:

    People will revolt in the street. And it will be all of Merkel’s fault. That b#$@! is interfering with too many countries’ democratic processes.

    Everybody wanted Basescu out…. it’s just another way to screw citizens out of their vote.

  3. Serban Marin says:

    It is obvious that the anonymous author of this article has no idea of the proceedings. These are proceedings and I really don’t understand why is he/she so vexed, since this practice is quite normal in many countries when investigating a case or another…

    As for the “men of Basescu” that sent the prosecutors, as he/she says, it is nothing but “apparently”. In my opinion, it is not quite fair for a journalistic to rely his entire demonstration on “apparent” basis…

    However, the quotations rely exclusively on “Antena 3″ channel and on Antonescu&Ponta viewpoint.

    My conclusion is that the author is completely subjective and therefore this piece of article is not available for a serious journalistic investigation.

    Question: don’t you really need to find out if there was fraud or not?

    • Serban Marin's Father says:

      You should take your propaganda to your drunk sailor fan club.

    • WeirdNews says:

      It is indeed true that fraud must be found and punished in any society, but this is not just checking out for fraud, it’s a well thought psychological process that’s messing with the minds of simple people who are scared when they see and have to interact with authority. And if you believe that checking for fraud is best achieved by taking a man’s word – and having his swear on the Bible – and doing so with more than 9 million Romanians who voted at the referendum, then you are at least naive.

  4. Eco says:

    Can anyone believe this is the only reference on the web, in english, about what is happening now in the country? The world has no idea about what’s happening here, it’s like a silenzio stampa, the news agencies didn’t seem to report this.

  5. Nicu Beli says:

    What is the similarity between a Jehovah Witnesses and a Romanian prosecutor?
    Both are going from door to door with a Bible in their hands?

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