Jennifer Nicole Lee Wardrobe Malfunction 2012

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Fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee is one of my favorite ladies to watch especially since she has such an impressive body, one she achieved after being a fattie in the past. But it’s not her personal achievements that we’re going to talk about right now, but a wardrobe malfunction that almost showed things that Jennifer Nicole Lee never wanted to share with the media (although she did share a lot in the past!). Check out the photos below!

The Jennifer Nicole Lee wardrobe malfunction happened recently, when paparazzi found the fitness guru shopping for a Cuisinart blender and probably other healthy eating stuff that us men rarely know how to use. But in order to impress with her uber hot body, Jennifer Nicole Lee decided to wear an interesting dress that had a zipper from the neck all the way down – positioned at the back.

Since it was a tight dress and Jennifer Nicole Lee had to walk and bend, the zipper decided to start going up and almost turned into a wardrobe malfunction for the celebrity who had to stop multiple times in order to zip it… down. However, it was still a nice view that leaves a lot to our imagination. And when you see such a body, you can imagine a lot.

Now here are the Jennifer Nicole Lee wardrobe malfunction 2012 photos, ‘cus I’m sure you’re here for them:

What do you think about Jennifer Nicole Lee? Isn’t she one of the hottest girls in the US right now?

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