Hot Substitue Teacher Anna Michelle Walters Leaked Photos from Student She Had an Affair With

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Never make love with your students! This is the rule for teachers worldwide, including substitutes, and Anna Michelle Walters (an extremely hot chick, also!) had to learn it the hard way. The woman was fired after one student, Justin Foster, leaked some photos of the substitute teacher with whom he claims he had an affair.

To prove this, he tweeted a bunch of screenshots of his phone with racy messages that were allegedly sent by the substitute teacher Anna Michelle Walters (pictured below). He also leaked some uncensored photos of juicy private parts that he claims are those of the teacher (and they sure look to be hers since there’s no face covering involved. But more on the uncensored leaked photos later!

Anna Michelle Walters (photo via Facebook)

Photo via Pinterest

Until then, it’s worth mentioning that Justin Foster studied (or still does, it’s unclear right now) a Cosby High School in Midlothian, Virginia, where Anna Michelle Walters was a substitute teacher. Apparently, they had an affair while he was still a student there and after posting the revealing photos of the girl and some text messages that she sent him, including one saying “You’re f****ng the substitute, that’s like you’re whole class’ fantasy” things were enough for the board to fire the teacher who will probably never get the chance to do this again. I mean teaching, of course.

Personally, I feel that this Justin Foster is an absolute a**hole for doing this – most likely after getting heartbroken and made fun of because the hot teacher eventually dumped him. It’s clearly a thing made out of revenge and it’s an unfortunate thing. Anna Michelle Walters is incredibly hot, she’s educated and smart… she was just naive enough to think that if she follows her heart and gets involved with one of the students, things will get better. But unfortunately there was a wrong turn and this crap happened to her.

And while I really feel for her, I also feel for you, the readers who I am sure can’t wait to see some of the leaked photos of this absolute hot substitute teacher, so if you want the uncensored versions – check them out here. And afterwards, start to envy the student who did her.

UPDATE: The Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts of the substitute teacher have been deleted, unfortunately. Poor girl! I really feel for her.

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