Heather Morris Uncensored Leaked Photos Are Hot

| March 13, 2012 | 0 Comments

Another day passes, another celebrity has her phone hacked and photos leaked all over the internet. This time, it’s Heather Morris who got some racy photos leaked over the internet and unlike Christina Hendricks, she can’t say it’s not her because her face is visible too. (scroll for images)

Interestingly enough is the fact that the nekkid photos of Heather Morris, the Glee star, were taken with her iPhone and thanks to the GPS embed, we know that at least one of the photos was taken at Paramount Studios. Well, now we can know exactly why are her male colleagues so happy…

Heather Morris, with her leaked photos, proves that celebrities still can’t understand a simple, golden rule: don’t take photos of your undressed body because sooner or later, your phone or camera or whatever will be hacked and everybody will see them. However, I am sure that not many people are upset to be able to see these photos online.

You can watch below some of the more decent Heather Morris leaked photos (click to enlarge):

heather morris leaked photo #1
heather morris leaked photo #2
heather morris leaked photo #3
heather morris leaked photo #4

If you want to see the full thing and admire Heather Morris’ entire body in Eve’s costume, you can check out the pictures here.

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