Former Hollywood Undead Lead Singer Deuce (Aron Erlichman) Beaten by Bandmates

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Emo-Rap band Hollywood Undead might not be the biggest name in today’s music world, but they certainly are one of the baddest and they don’t like it when members decide to quit and pursue solo careers. At least this seems to be the case of former lead singer Deuce (Aron Erlichman) who decided to leave Hollywood Undead a few months ago and continue as a solo act.

However, according to police reports, since leaving the group, Deuce was threatened constantly by his band members, who eventually beat the crap out of him just recently.

Hollywood Undead

According to Deuce who filed a report against his former bandmates, after he had a performance at Angels & Kings in Hollywood, former band members FunnyMan and J-Dog attacked him and heavily injured him, while also filming the entire scene. Apparently they managed to injure one of Deuce’s friends who tried to help him.

Now the former Hollywood Undead singer is planning to sue his former bandmates and probably put an end to this entire nonsense. As if you could put an end to the Hollywood Undead…

[source: TMZ]

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