Dreams From My Real Father DVD Show’s Uncensored Photos of Obama’s Mother

| October 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

It seems that when we’re talking about politics and something as important as the presidency of the United States, there are no scruples and mud is thrown in all directions. Such a thing is done by Dreams From My Real Father, a DVD from Joel Gilbert which claims that left wing activist Frank Marshall Davis is actually the real father of Barack Obama and also shows some vintage uncensored and revealing photos of Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham.

The revealing photos of Stanley Ann Dunham are reportedly taken in their Hawaii home, where Stanley Ann Dunham starred in over 30 pin-up photographs taken by Frank Marshall Davis himself. And things go even further, claiming that Frank Marshall Davis might be the real father of Barack Obama, and his mother’s marriage with the Kenyan man was nothing but a cover-up.

According to reports, the DVD of Dreams From My Real Father has been already shipped to hundreds of thousands of voters and there are millions of new copies prepared and ready to be send in the country.

Until then, if you care about this dirt, you can check out a video about Dreams From My Real Father that also shows the alleged photos of Stanley Ann Dunham:

Do you believe this and do you think that this can affect in any way Barack Obama’s status?

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